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Greetings The Hornet Tribune Alumni

It is with great honor that I address you as the General Manager of our beloved The Hornet Tribune. One of the main goals for this new set of editors is to see each of our fellow Hornets connected and engaged with The Hornet Tribune and with one another. Becoming a member of The Hornet Tribune Alumni Association (THTAA) provides a direct pathway for you to be a part of the progress and future of The Hornet Tribune. Your membership affords you numerous benefits including direct access to a growing powerful network of The Hornet Tribune alumni and opportunities to mentor and serve current and future The Hornet Tribune staff members.  More importantly, your annual membership supports The Hornet Tribune’s alumni giving rate.

The Hornet Tribune Alumni Association keeps its members and friends involved in the University’s present. No matter how far away (either in time or location) alumni have traveled from Montgomery, their views on the governance of today’s The Hornet Tribune are represented.

As The Hornet Tribune enters into our next year of producing global leaders, alumni must be a strong force of support.  Remember, this Association holds great significance for this newspaper and it holds the voice of our forefathers who fought in several African‐American resistance movements; it represents the future of institutions that serve our unique and powerful demographic; it spreads the work of The Hornet Tribune to the larger global community.

Join THTAA today!

In Truth and Service,

Kenneth A. Dean, BS  1984
General Manager



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