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For 93 years, the students of Alabama State University and residents of Montgomery have relied on The Hornet Tribune for the information they need about their community. Although methods of producing and distributing the news have changed since the first edition in 1926, every event that affected campus has been chronicled by the student journalists here.

The Hornet Tribune is committed to two missions: To train the next generation of student communicators with journalistic best practices and the latest technology and to provide readers with unparalleled coverage. The weekly print editions and daily online news remain free to all. No news outlet covers Alabama State University more completely than The Hornet Tribune, and with cutbacks at local news organizations, we have stepped up to provide increased coverage of local government and Montgomery news.

But the future is uncertain. The Hornet Tribune receives very little funding from the state or the university. Traditional print advertising has shrunk, and digital revenue has not replaced it.

Whether you are a former The Hornet Tribune staff member, an ASU graduate or just someone interested in news about Alabama State University and Montgomery, your support can help keep this institution around for another 193 years. By supporting The Hornet Tribune today, you’re also supporting the next generation of journalists.

Thank you for visiting, home of the Alabama State University’s official student newspaper, The Hornet Tribune. Whether you’re a Hornet alum who bleeds black and gold, a proud Hornet parent, or simply enjoy reading about what’s happening on “the yard,” we appreciate your support.  Donate now by making a contribution via the form below. Payments are processed securely by PayPal.

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