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We are the official student newspaper for the rapidly-changing Alabama State University.

When readers open the print issue “The Tribune” each Saturday, or view us their mobile device, they open an award-winning world of news — campus, city, national and world — sports and entertainment, commentary and opinion, crosswords and Sudoku, and scores of ads for products and services.

As the over 5,000 students, faculty and staff who read The Hornet Tribune each week know The Hornet Tribune is the trusted first read for the Alabama State University community — and the only place for advertisers to reach the entire Alabama State University.

In the crowded and noisy Metro-Montgomery media environment, we can help Alabama State University students, faculty and staff notice and respond to your message.
You’ll be impressed with the ways we can help. We will assign a sales representative and member of our ad design team to work with you to craft advertising messages targeted to our audience.

We’re not just here to sell you an ad. We’re here to help you grow your business. And we know our audience: we’re part of it!

2020-22 Alabama State University Student Media Advertising Kit

By The Numbers • The Hornet Tribune is read regularly by approximately 70 PERCENT of Alabama State University students, faculty and staff, far more than any other publication.

• PRESSRUN: 3,000 each Friday when classes are in session during the spring and fall and during the summer, for a total of 48 issues each year.

• Distributed FREE at more than 36 high-traffic locations on and off campus, including residence halls and libraries, classrooms, office buildings, recreation facilities, and at selected business locations throughout Arlington. When each new issue arrives around 8 a.m., the prior day’s papers at many points are moved to the rack’s bottom shelf for an extra day of availability.

• Available ONLINE 24/7. Usage of The Hornet Tribune Online ——more than doubled in the past year alone.

• Published SINCE 1923. We know Alabama State University. And we’re here to stay.


Advertising is payable in advance unless the Alabama State University Office of Student Media has approved credit based on a credit application submitted by the advertiser. Allow 10 working days for review of the credit application. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express also are accepted. See credit application for restrictions.

The Office of Student Media reserves the right to request payment in advance or to cancel credit privileges at any time.

Invoices are supplied at customer’s request at the time of ad placement. Statements are mailed monthly. Terms are net 30 days. A 1.5% per month service charge (18% annually) will be added to each account not paid within 30 days of the first billing date. The advertiser agrees to pay any collection fees assessed if a balance is not paid within 90 days and the account is outsourced by the Office of Student Media for collection.

A $30 charge will be assessed for each returned check.


The Hornet Tribune will be responsible for errors in advertisements only in proportion to the bearing that the error has in relation to the entire ad as determined by the Media Advertising Chief.  Office of Student Media will not consider adjustment of payment for any advertisement involving typographical errors or erroneous insertion unless notice is given to the Media Advertising Chief within thirty (30) business days of the first monthly statement showing the charge in question. The Hornet Tribune will not be liable for more than one incorrect insertion of any advertisement.

Adjustments will be made as credits, not refunds.

Agency Commissions: For advertising agencies, local rates are net (non-commissionable). Advertising agencies representing accounts outside the Metro-Montgomery area will be charged national rates, which are net (non-commissionable) rates.


Volume Contract advertising agreements commit an advertiser to run a specified amount of advertising during a contract period in return for a lower advertising rate. To qualify, an advertiser must be signatory to the Office of Student Media advertising contract.

Advertisers who do not fulfill the contracted amount of inches agree to pay the applicable rate for the amount of advertising placed. At the end of the contract period, the difference in the rate contracted and the applicable rate based on inches used will be reflected in a one-time additional “shortfall” charge to the advertiser.

A volume contract advertiser may upgrade to a larger contract (more ad inches at a lower rate) at any time during the contract period. The new rate will be effective for all advertising run after the date of the upgrade, but it is not retroactive to advertising previously run.

Volume contracts and contract upgrades must be approved by the Media Advertising Chief and the General Manager before becoming effective.

Only one discount may be applied per insertion, including contracted rate. Contracted rates may not be discounted further.

Advertisers may combine total inches used in ROP, Classified Display, special sections and special editions toward annual contract requirements.

No refunds will be given. Credit will be given for use at a later date.


The Hornet Tribune reserves the right to revise advertising rates and/or any other conditions set forth in this Rate Card at any time with 30 days notice.

All terms, conditions and rates contained in this Rate Card are incorporated by reference and made part of The Hornet Tribune Basic Advertising Contract. A complete list of contract terms and conditions is listed on The Hornet Tribune’s Insertion Order and Volume Contract agreements, which are available upon request.


All advertising is subject to acceptance by the Office of Student Media which reserves the right to reject any ad at its sole discretion at any time prior to publication.

The Hornet Tribune will make all reasonable effort to see that any advertising is published as accepted and that pre-printed inserts are distributed as ordered. However, The Hornet Tribune will not be responsible for any consequential damages resulting from failure to do so.

Advertisers and Advertising Agencies forwarding insertion orders that contain incorrect rates or conditions will be charged in accordance with the rates and terms of the contract in effect at the time of publication. Failure to make an order correspond in price or terms will be regarded as a clerical error and the advertising will be inserted without further notification.

The advertiser and/or agency agrees to assume all responsibility and liability for the content (including text representations, illustrations and copyrights) of any advertisements places in The Hornet Tribune.

Advertising canceled after deadline will be removed from the issue, but the advertiser remains responsible for payment of the full cost of the ad. Advertising that does not run due to missing content also is subject to full charge.

Composition, artwork and photography produced by The Hornet Tribune and the Office of Student Media become the property of the Office of Student Media and may not be used in any form or medium without prior consent of the Advertising Manager.

See The Hornet Tribune advertising agreement for restrictions and details in addition to those included in this rate card.



1–4 pages

6–8 pages

10–16 pages

18+ pages

  • Acceptance of inserts is on approval by The Shorthorn. An insertion order and sample of the insert must be received at least seven days prior to the requested insertion date.
  • All rates are net. In addition to rates quoted, the advertiser agrees to pay all costs incurred due to special handling needed for inserts that cannot be mechanically inserted, return of rejected or damaged inserts, etc.
  • Folded inserts will be charged at the multiple page rate.
  • Minimum insertion order: 11,000 spring and fall semesters; 8,000 summer.
Inserts must be delivered to our printer between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. three business days prior to the insertion date, at the following address:DFW Printing CompanyAttn: Shorthorn Inserts3900 West Plano ParkwayPlano, TX 75075Phone: (214) 977-7480
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