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Presentation/Design Positions

The following Presentation and Design positions are still open.  Click on the position and the staff application will appear for download.


Managing Editor fo Presentation and Design

Lead Page Designer

Page Designer II

Page Designer I

Graphic Artist/Illustrator



Managing Editor for Presentation and Design:

The managing editor for Presentation and Design is the student who works with text and images on printed pages or screens, ensuring that these elements are balanced and readable. As the managing editor for Presentation and Design, he or she carefully considers composition and page elements, including font sizes, styling, spacing, image size and position to create a clear flow of information for the reader. It is the job of the managing editor for Presentation and Design to work with the writers, editors, photographers, and graphic artists to make changes to page elements and ensure a cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing designed page.

Lead Page Designer:

The lead page designer is responsible for assisting the managing editor for Presentation and Design in leading and training a team of page designers. The lead page designers reviews all the pages and is the second line of defense to ensure clarity, consistency, accuracy, fact checking and the agreed upon news style.

Page Designer II:

The page designer is responsible for creating pages for The Hornet Tribune. The ideal candidate is a motivated and flexible self-starter with awesome organizational skills, the ability to communicate over multiple platforms, and pride in their work knowing that they help inform readers around the country. Designers will thrive in a fast-paced environment while working on multiple projects. Communication skills and learning new systems and processes are a big part of our operation. This is a great opportunity to gain experience in journalism.

Graphics Artist/Illustrator:

The graphic designer for The Hornet Tribune conceptualize and produce print, digital and other advertising and marketing materials that assist The Hornet Tribune in reaching its revenue and readership goals. In doing so, graphic designers must collaborate, demonstrate creativity and work toward common department goals.

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Presentation/Design Positions