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The Editor-in-chief provides leadership for The Hornet Tribune.  They create the vision and communicate the direction that the staff should go in order to accomplish that vision.  The editor-in-chief manages and oversees the content produced for the printed copy of The Hornet Tribune as well as the online version of The Hornet Tribune.   This includes reviewing all content produced, such as articles and photographs, developing strategies and style guidelines, and representing the brand at social events throughout the year.  The editor-in-chief works in an office-based environment and typically works whenever they are not in a class, although they may be required to work additional hours, particularly around deadlines. This job is well suited to people with strong business acumen, excellent writing and proofreading skills, networking and interpersonal skills, and the ability to guide a team towards editorial excellence.

Administrative Assistant:

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for providing administrative support to ensure efficient operation of the office. Supports the editor-in-chief through a variety of tasks related to organization and communication. Responsible for confidential and time-sensitive material. Familiar with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices and procedures.  The person who is selected must have the ability to effectively communicate via phone and email ensuring that all duties are completed accurately and delivered with high quality and in a timely manner.  The administrative assistant may direct and lead the work of others.  He or She may rely on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals and a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. The administrative assistant reports to the editor-in-chief.

Enterprise Editor:

The Enterprise Editor is a key member of The Hornet Tribune editorial team and responsible for leading the feature/long-form journalism efforts, both online and in print. Ideation, assigning of articles to internal and external staff, and working extensively with those writers are placed under the responsibilities of the enterprise editor.  The enterprise editor should produce the most ambitious reporting. This editor should be brimming with compelling, untold story ideas about the most important forces shaping American life today, including racial, gender and economic inequality, and the concentration of corporate power.  The enterprise editor will drive investigative reporters to break news and write vital stories that cut through the noise.

Recruitment and Retention Editor:

The recruitment and retention editor is responsible for identifying potential students who will be great fits for the eight divisions within The Hornet Tribune.  For the Editorial Division, the recruitment and retention editor is seeking students who can report and write news stories, feature stories and editorials.  For the Standards and Ethics Division, the recruitment editor is seeking students who can properly copy edit, proofread and spot unethical writing. For the Presentation and Design Division, the recruitment and retention editor is seeking students who have a background in graphic design, who is creative and innovative.  For the Visual and Multimedia Division, the recruitment and retention editor is seeking students who have a background in photos, videos and multimedia.   For the Digital and Interactive Media Division, the recruitment and retention editor is seeking students who have a background in website design, website building and website maintenance.

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