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The student leadership of The Hornet Tribune is responsible for ensuring that the mission, vision, constant strategic planning and consistent execution of The Hornet Tribune are carried out and that they work closely, as a team to achieve the necessary goals that are essential for a productive, informative, efficient and attractive campus newspaper.

Nefsa’Hyatt Brown

Nefsa’Hyatt Brown enters her second year as editor-in-chief of The Hornet Tribune (David Evans/Chief Photographer)


Hello!  My name is Nefsa’Hyatt Brown, a graduating senior at Alabama State University who has majored in political science and obtained a minor in international relations.  I am from Mobile, Alabama, and my parents are Ms. Jenekia Thompson and Mr. Lewis Brown Jr.

I graduated from Baker High School in 2017 where I was a JEM Scholar which allowed me the opportunity to complete dual enrollment courses and ACT Preparatory, with an Honors Endorsement. In high school, I was extremely involved much like college.  I was president of Future Business Leaders of America, I wrote for my school’s newspaper The Hornet Herald, and I was my school’s lead orator as I came in 4th place in impromptu speaking at the state FBLA conference.

After arriving at Alabama State University, I began writing for the newspaper as a freshman.  Last year, I was named the editor-in-chief of The Hornet Tribune and I held on to that responsibility this year also.  I am a Golden Ambassador, a member of UNITE, NAACP, College Democrats, the WEB DuBois Honors Program, and the student lead for a community service program titled Read and Reign.

I would have to say that my mom has had the greatest influence on my life, in fact, I have no idea where I would have been or what would have become of me without her.  She is my light in a dark place, she is strong when I am weak, and through this journey, she is continuously building me up to be all of that I can be.

As I enter my third year on the staff and my second year as the editor-in-chief, I have always stressed the importance of expansion in terms of what I hope to accomplish as the editor. However, as time has gone on my focus has shifted to exposure through increasing our readership and ensuring that our content is something that is both informative and eye-catching to the audience.


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