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The Hornet Tribune is the official student newspaper of Alabama State University. About 32  Monday mornings each school year, ASU students, faculty and staff turn to “The Hornet Tribune” as their source of campus news and sports coverage. The Hornet Tribune exists to inform the ASU community of relevant news and opinion while providing a training vehicle for students.

First published in 1926, under the name The State Normal Courier, The Hornet Tribune is recognized as one of the top HBCU college newspapers in the country. The paper has been published since 1926 except when it was not published because of World War II.  In 1962, it was renamed The Hornet Tribune and became the official student newspaper without censorship.

More than 25 students work for The Hornet Tribune in the business and editorial departments. Editors and business managers are selected each April by the Student Media Board and serve for a term of one year. The Student Media Board is responsible for all editorial and financial decisions of the newspaper. Two professional staff members provide continuity, advice, and training for the student staff, and maintain operations during vacation periods.

The Hornet Tribune consists of two principal divisions — business and editorial. The Business Board is responsible for all the business affairs of The Hornet Tribune, including advertising, ad design, marketing analytics & promotions, circulation, and accounting.   The Chief Financial Officer heads the Business Board. The heads of the business and editorial departments, as well as the General Manager, are members of the Board.

The Editorial Board is responsible for the content of The Hornet Tribune and its publications. Interim Executive Editor Nefsa’Hyatt Brown heads the Editorial Board. The heads of each editorial department, including news, sports, photography, copy, video, social media, editorial analytics, design, are members of the Board.

Business office hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the Alabama State University school year. Summer hours vary.

For business-related inquiries:

Kenneth A. Dean, General Manager


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