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The Hornet Tribune is the award-winning student newspaper affiliated with Alabama State University. The editorial and business staffs consist of university students who produce this weekly print and daily online publication. Any student may apply to be a part of The Hornet Tribune staff.

The print publication is available free for all Alabama State University students and faculty every Friday at various locations on campus.

The Hornet Tribune is an editorially independent publication. Student editors and managers determine the editorial content, coverage and policies without interference from faculty, staff or university administration.  The Hornet Tribune exists to inform the ASU community of relevant news and opinion while providing a training vehicle for students.

First published in 1926, under the name The State Normal Courier, The Hornet Tribune is recognized as one of the top HBCU college newspapers in the country. The paper has been published since 1926 except when it was not published because of World War II.  In 1962, it was renamed The Hornet Tribune and became the official student newspaper without censorship.

More than 25 students work for The Hornet Tribune in the business and editorial departments. Editors and business managers are selected each April by the Student Media Board and serve for a term of one year. The Student Media Board is responsible for all editorial and financial decisions of the newspaper. Two professional staff members provide continuity, advice, and training for the student staff, and maintain operations during vacation periods.

The Hornet Tribune consists of two principal divisions — business and editorial. The Student Board is responsible for all the business affairs of The Hornet Tribune, including advertising, ad design, marketing analytics & promotions, circulation, and accounting.   The heads of the business and editorial departments, as well as the General Manager, are members of the Board.

The Editorial Board is responsible for the content of The Hornet Tribune and its publications. Interim Executive Editor Nefsa’Hyatt Brown heads the Editorial Board. The heads of each editorial department, including news, sports, photography, copy, video, social media, editorial analytics, design, are members of the Board.

Business office hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the Alabama State University school year. Summer hours vary.

The Hornet Tribune’s statement of values

The OU Daily and all its employees operate under a specific set of journalistic and ethical guidelines and values, outlined below.

Accuracy: We aim for every name, every number, every fact to be 100 percent correct. We never knowingly publish inaccurate or incorrect information, and when we make mistakes, we will correct our errors in a timely manner that is transparent with our audience.

Fairness: We aim to accurately represent all views and sides. We will never distort or misrepresent facts.

Bias: We continuously work to make sure our articles are free of any personal, political, or any other type of bias. We also understand that there are issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and other types of bigotry that are objectively wrong, and it is not biased to recognize that fact in our reporting.

Professionalism: We are students, but we maintain a dedication to professionalism. We consider ourselves just as valuable a news source as other professional news organizations and conduct ourselves as such. We are constantly working to become the best we can be so that we can better serve our readers.

Community engagement: We don’t just report on the university community; we live, work and go to school here, too. We want our community to continue to improve. This is a motivating factor for us.

Independence: We have been the independent student voice of the Alabama State University since 1923. None of our content is influenced by the university administration or anyone else outside of our staff.

Transparency: We’re human, and sometimes we make mistakes. We hold ourselves to a high standard, and we will always promptly and publicly correct any errors we publish. We attempt to make our decisions and processes clear to our readers — we do not operate in secrecy.

Accountability: We are held responsible for our mistakes by one another and by our audience. We are always open to comments, criticisms and suggestions.

Diversity: We work hard to make sure our newsroom is place where people, no matter race, religion, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, or ability feel safe and welcome to work. We also are intentional in our decisions to cover specific communities and issues, and to create a workplace where we are all free to be our fullest selves.

Inclusivity: We believe all spaces in our newsroom should be welcoming and safe for all people, and that all employees’ attitudes toward one another and their community should reflect that goal.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Hornet Tribune is two-fold:   To train the next generation of student communicators with journalistic best practices and the latest technology and to provide readers with unparalleled coverage and to serve as the primary print and digital news and information source for Alabama State University’s student, staff and administrative population.

The Hornet Tribune promotes the highest standards of journalism while endeavoring to be an award-winning student publication and serving as a learning laboratory for journalism, marketing, graphic design and photography students.  To this end, The Hornet Tribune continually strives to adapt to the changing technology required for the production of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities of the highest quality.

The Hornet Tribune strives to retain a professional staff in conjunction with student workers dedicated to instilling the values of sound business practice, excellence in monetary stewardship and ethics in journalism while providing academic advising and oversight to its student workers.

How to join The Hornet Tribune

Learn more about joining The Hornet Tribune. You can also e-mail us at [email protected], or stop by the Student Media Laboratory on the 2nd floor of the John Garrick Hardy Center Student Life Suite.

Many Tribune staff members start out with little experience. If journalism is something you’re interested in, we’ve got a spot for you. Whether it’s writing, reporting, photography, graphic design, Web development or multimedia, we have a place for you.

Where to find the paper

Aside from keeping up to date at you can find The Hornet Tribune at nearly 20 locations across the campus. The paper is available in most campus buildings.

Publishing Policy, Copyright Notice and Photo Reprints

The Hornet Tribune is produced by a student staff at Alabama State University. All inquiries, comments and complaints should be addressed to the Student Media Board or the Editorial Board, which has sole authority over the content of this publication. Comments and other correspondence can be mailed to:

Editorial Board
The Hornet Tribune
Alabama State University
Montgomery, Alabama  36104

Opinions expressed in signed columns and cartoons are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Hornet Tribune. The Hornet Tribune’s editorials represent the opinions of the newspaper’s Editorial Board.

All content of The Hornet Tribune is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written authorization from the editor in chief. We extend readers the right to link to our stories and to provide the headline and the first paragraph of the story on their websites.

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