Students believe that Trump should be held accountable for his fraudulent behavior



According to records, Trump signed a document confirming the square footage of the Trump Tower in 2012, but misquoted the same square footage in 2015 a year before he won the election.

EMILY SEALS, University News Reporter/Writer

On Wednesday September 21st, state of New York attorney general Letitia James filed a lawsuit that accused former president Donald Trump, and his family business of lying to insurers by fraudulently overvaluing his property assets by billions of dollars. The start of the investigation began with Trump and three of his children testifying under oath.
According to records Trump signed a document confirming the square footage of the Trump Tower in 2012, but “misquoted” the same square footage in 2015 a year before he won the election.
Trump used his net worth to make himself appear as a billionaire in the eyes of the public. He used the public persona as a way to corroborate his run for president of the United States.
Kameelah Freeman, a sophomore computer information systems major, believes this was no mistake.
“Personally, I do not like the term “mistake” because I truly do not feel it was a mistake,” she said. “There are multiple times Trump has made mistakes so to me it doesn’t feel like a mere mistake.”
Junior, Tejada Barnes, a political science major, is disappointed but not surprised.
“Trump was a leader of the country and although there’s not much he did while he was inoffice, or in his life before office, that I agree with, I still feel like he represented this country, and this type of investigation should have taken place as soon as he took office.”
Alphonso Peters, a freshman business management major believes nothing was misquoted, “Trump has lied before, lied while he was in office, and is lying now”.
A comment made on social media read, “This is no longer relevant, General James is only suing Trump because she is a Democrat and he is a Republican.
Many people were in agreement with this comment, and even Mr. Trump’s attorney believes the same thing.
“While I do not know what fueled these allegations, I do believe that politics should be served regardless of political standings. Therefore, if Mr. Trump is guilty then him being a Republican should not matter, and the same if he is innocent.” said Freeman.
“That sounds like a comment stirred from hate to me, if you can’t prove it; don’t say it” said Peters on the social media allegations.
This is not the first time Mr. Trump has been involved in legal issues.
After Trump left office he has been involved in several issues in both financial and political actions. But should this matter result in Trump being indicted?
“There should be further investigation done. He is innocent until proven guilty. Nobody should be indicted for something they haven’t done or something that could be a huge mistake.
He definitely should be held to that standard if he is guilty.” Joshua Strong, freshman, dance major.
Freeman says, “Evidence suggests that he has committed crimes so he should be indicted if he is guilty. I do not think his power, wealth, or political status should play a role. Afterall right is right and wrong is wrong no matter who you are.”
The Trumps had attempted to avoid testifying by asking courts to squash the subpoenas, but the courts ruled in favor of the attorney general and said that the subpoenas were valid. They are able to file a civil lawsuit, but who the defendants would be is unclear.