University to expand campus homecoming parade Saturday


DENISE RINGO, Uiversity News Reporter/Writer

As students at Alabama State University make preparations for homecoming activities, the university plans to expand the Homecoming Campus Parade, Oct. 8, 2022.
Traditionally, homecoming activities were celebrated during the week of the Thanksgiving holidays when a much larger parade was anticipated and held downtown.
After being held on a smaller scale in 2021, the parade will have a more extensive route and more entries this year. It will begin on Pineleaf Street and travel through campus by the residence halls and the John Garrick Hardy Center. The parade will complete its route behind the Levi Watkins Learning Center.
According to Student Government Association Adviser Candace Davis, about 30 organizations from across the campus have applied and some organizations from Birmingham, Alabama and the state of Georgia.
In order to be a part of the parade, participants are required to complete a Google form on the university’s Facebook page. The form informed participants about the parade time and included a liability waiver. Participants must also list how many people will be in their car and if they are doing anything such as throwing out candy to bystanders.
Organizations entering a float, will receive a packet letting them know their float number and where to meet. It also features guidelines on how they are supposed to organize their float.
The parade has no COVID restrictions. “No restrictions. We’re outside,” Davis says jokingly with a laugh.
Davis says the biggest challenge was changing the parade from Friday to Saturday. The change was due to scheduling conflicts with the band and communicating with everyone who had already registered. Davis is also currently searching for a grand marshall to lead the parade.
She hopes that the parade will be a good recruiting tool for all of the high school bands or any cheerleaders who might be impressed by the parade. She hopes it will advertise the school well to anyone hoping to join the university.
“I hope everybody will see what Alabama State pride looks like.”