Stallworth promises accountability and transparency


Esaelynn Cameron

Dylan Stallworth is the candidate running for the position of executive vice president. He has served in the SGA Senate for two years. If elected he want to initiate a 60-Day Bill Progress Report, so the student body can be aware of the status of each individual bill.

Micah Sanders, Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: I sat down with SGA Vice Presidential Candidate, Dylan Stallworth, to discuss why he deserves the title of SGA Vice President. 

Q: According to the SGA constitution, the SGA Vice-President shall preside over all the Student Senate meetings. In the Next Level administration, there were little-to-no Senate meetings held. What will you do as the SGA Vice President to ensure that our student body is being upheld governmentally?

A: “The main goal of my initiatives is to provide Visibility, Accessibility, Transparency, and Progress. I will ensure accountability as a Vice-President & Senate President, but my initiatives such as:

  • Senate on The Run, returning this initiative which will essentially bring the Senate to the Student body in different locations on campus to ensure that we are visible to the student body. 
  • Implementing the 60-Day Bill Progress Report, so we as the student body can uphold the credibility, validation, and status of each individual bill. 
  • Developing the Student Senate Page on the Alabama State University website so students can know who their Student Senate is composed of and how they can get in contact with them.
  • Further improving the Student Senator Progress Report, so students have that transparency and can see the physical work that’s been done.

I plan to hold myself accountable to uphold my duties and responsibilities, but my initiative gives the student body the chance to hold the student senate and myself accountable.”

Q: After being in the Student Senate in COBA, what experience/expertise does that give you in order to fulfill your duties as the SGA Vice President.

A: “I have been a part of the Student Senate in COBA for two academic school years. In these two years, I have had the chance to see two different sets of Senates in action as well as two different Vice Presidents/Senate Presidents. I can confidently say I’ve seen and know how a properly functioning Student Senate looks like. Additionally, I see what needs to be improved from a leadership perspective and a holistic Student Senate perspective as well.” 

 Q: Since you and Jeremi were a part of the First-Year Leadership Academy before its dissolvement, how will you ensure that the next generation of Hornet leaders understand the true principles and practices of leadership?

A: “There are several ways to address how leadership is essential to the development of oneself. It would be great to implement more leadership development programming for incoming freshmen, something that I will strive to target in my position of leadership. Additionally, Jeremi & I understand that the Student Leaders on our campus play a vital part in the community at Alabama State University. We want to target students in various organizations that hold these president positions, for the purpose of honing & refining their leadership skills. Amplifying the voices and investing in our student leaders is what we can do as President & Vice-President to ensure that all students can see how the true principles and practices of leadership are important.”

Q: As you are related to Tyler Rice, the two-time Vice President underneath David Hammond and David Whitlow, what are some key quality characteristics and traits that you want to exude from Tyler? In addition, what are some things that you want to do differently? 

A: Yes, I am related to Tyler Rice, the man himself. Tyler was a phenomenal leader in his term as Vice-President. He was someone who positively impacted so many students socially, professionally, and personally. I can only strive to display his level of confidence, poise, and leadership in my term as Vice-president. I truly have nothing to nick-pick from Tyler’s term. Still, I will say that I wish to build on and continue the initiatives he left, but also innovate and fully exercise the power and voice of my positions for the growth and progression of Alabama State University and its students.”

Dylan Stallworth is the candidate running for the position of executive vice president. He has served in the SGA Senate for two years. If elected he want to initiate a 60-Day Bill Progress Report, so the student body can be aware of the status of each individual bill. (Esaelynn Cameron)

Q: In the past, several SGA candidates promised transparency and change. What tangible goals have you prepared for the student body and how will you and Jeremi hold yourselves accountable to ensure that those goals are met? “

A: “I completely touched on this question in the second question. To reiterate, we have initiatives in place that will hold us accountable regardless if we are living up to the expectations of the role. Jeremi & I both have a passion for truly helping the student body and serving as a voice. I am confident that all our initiatives are tangible and will leave the next administration in great hands to continue the work of the Student Government Association.” 

Q: How accurately do you know the SGA constitution as the SGA vice president is responsible for administering tests to each appointed senator?

A: I have been familiar with the SGA constitution since I was a freshman here at Alabama State, and of course, like any other candidate, I do a little more studying when election season comes around. To be transparent, I don’t know the whole constitution word by word. However, I have both physical and digital copies of the SGA Constitutions. I know the powers and main responsibilities of each position in the SGA, the duties and responsibilities for each branch of the SGA, and the fundamental purpose of the constitution, which is to ensure that Student Rights are being ensured. The constitution is a document that you constantly have to educate yourself on, something I’ve been doing for the past three years. Secondly, I’ve passed the test administered to appointed senators twice, so I would say I know it pretty accurately.”

Q: With the SGA’s budget increased by 40%, how will you, Jeremi and the SGA treasurer collaborate to ensure the student body precisely knows where the funds are being allocated while also providing some fun activities?

A: “We plan to release the budget once it’s approved by the senate.”

Q: Do you know the number of students who are enrolled at ASU, the SGA’s budget, and the university’s budget?

  • The number of students is around 3,200.
  • The SGA budget is $139,401
  • The University budget is $143,365,283

Q: After leaving office in Spring 2023, what do you want your legacy to be at ASU?

A: “As far as my legacy goes, I have no desire to be the best or the most known ever. I simply want to be as effective as possible. I want to complete all the goals my administration set for itself and hold it to the standard we have established as well as a platform for the next administration to continue to build on. When I leave, I want people to be able to truly say I was great in my position and that I had an impact not only on the school but on students personally! My Legacy means nothing if the people around me are not benefiting!”

Q: Any final remarks/messages that you want the student body to know? 

A: I want the student body to know that they can trust us as an administration to go above and beyond what is required. We ultimately will Push Alabama State University FORWARD!”