SGA Treasurer presents official operating budget

Juana Blackwell, Staff Reporter/Writer

Alabama State University’s Student Government Association (SGA) Treasurer Jeremi Moore effortlessly presented the SGA operating budget for the 2021-2022 academic school year on Oct. 18.  Moore presented the budget to the Student Senate in a virtual Zoom meeting where students were welcomed to join and ask questions. In a rare occurrence, all of the senators agreed to the budget being set at their first meeting.

The total budget allocated for the SGA is $139,401. Moore pointed out that this is nearly three times the budget of the last academic school year. All of the funds have been divided up over the fall and spring semesters.

According to the SGA Constitution, the treasurer is responsible for “financial matters,” which includes, informing the students of the financial status of the SGA. They are also tasked with creating the annual operating budget then having it approved by the student senate. In simple terms, the treasurer organizes the money that is allocated to the SGA. However, he or she is not the sole proprietor of making the financial decisions. SGA Executive Treasurer Moore consulted with the appropriation and allocations committee and finance committee to discuss the budget.

Currently, no monies have been expended by this year’s administration, but Student Body President Gem Richardson is “eager to spend the funds.”

Approximately $14,000 of the budget is allocated for students who work within the SGA based on a 20-hour workweek or stipend.  Sen. Oneil Moore asked a clarifying question about the budget regarding why there is $100 set aside for the senators for the spring semester. Moore clarified that the senators do not receive their pay until the following semester because they have to perform their duties to be compensated. If there are funds leftover, they will be carried over to the following semester.

The SGA will not need to spend their budget on traveling to other universities, such as the FAMU game, for example. Moore pointed out that many of the fees associated with the budget can be mitigated or avoided altogether due to the resources readily available. Instead, the budget was proposed to be spent on the students. The money will come from contract services if it needs to be used for student travel. Magic City Classic is being debated on whether or not the SGA will be able to provide a bus for students to travel.

Student organizations have a total allocation of $7,500 for each semester. If an organization wants to utilize these funds, they would need to speak to the SGA and state their case before the committee.

Rehabilitation services major, Ayanna Williams, shared “I believe that for how many organizations we have on campus, that’s an okay amount … The SGA executive board should try to advocate for a little more just in case of emergencies.” Williams is a junior from Pleasant Grove, Alabama who serves as the treasurer of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS). When told that there is $15,000 set aside for emergencies, Williams said “in that case then it’s a good amount.”

Attorney General Symphony Wilson wrote that Moore has “fundraised $200 from two local businesses, receiving $100 from each establishment. The Executive Treasurer has worked to receive a $1500 service grant from Unite Inc.”