SGA Secretary Candidate: Serenity Stewart

Christine Shelton, Editor-in-Chief

Serenity Stewart, a junior political science major and legal studies minor, is vying to become the next 2021-22 Student Government Association (SGA) Secretary. The Lithonia, Georgia native is the first-born child of Jamila and Germaine Stewart and hopes to further her education at the Emory University School of Law to pursue a career as a criminal defense attorney.

Upon her arrival to the university in Fall 2018, she had high hopes of attending a college where she could be “fully enriched with the culture of a historically Black college or university and still obtain an outstanding education.” Stewart stands on the platform of “B.U.I.L.D. with Serenity,” where B.U.I.L.D. is an acronym for Believe, Uplift, Improve, Lead and Develop.


 Q: Why are you running for this position?

A:   While attending our beloved university, I have noticed the need for improvement and change. In addition to all of the hard work and dedication that previous SGA administrations have put in prior to this campaign season, my desire to run for this position derived from wanting to be a part of the change that I want to see within Alabama State University.


Q: What political things did you do in high school (if any)?

A:   Prior to attending college, I was not a part of any political matters within my high school.


Q: What political things have you done since arriving at ASU (if any)?

A:   During my time here at Alabama State University, I have been a part of a few political things since my arrival. I am currently a part of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity here on campus, where I am also the parliamentarian. I am also an intern under the current SGA Secretary, where I have learned all of the many tasks that come with being the SGA Secretary and ways to execute these tasks. In the past year, I have also worked during breaks at the DeKalb County Voter’s Registration Office, where I’ve worked during three elections that included the Presidential and the Run-Off. I have also interned and participated in volunteer work with councilwoman Shayla J. Nealy in Union City, Georgia.


Q: What issues do you plan to address in the first 30 days of your term, if elected, and why?

A:  If elected, I plan to address issues of keeping our campus as healthy and safe as possible. I will advocate for students to have the option to be tested whenever they feel as though they may have been exposed. If we want to experience an actual collegiate year again without the same restrictions that we endured during this academic year due to COVID-19, all of the necessary precautions and guidelines need to be followed.


Q: What issues do you plan to address after the first 30 days of your term, if elected and why?

A:   If elected, some issues that I plan to address after the first 30 days of my term would be the issue of division on our campus between the general student body, student leaders, and the university’s faculty.


Q: Do you know the number of enrolled students at ASU, the SGA’s budget, and the university’s budget?

A:   The student body population ranges between 3,000-4,500 students. The SGA budget is $7,000 a semester of moveable money.


Q: Do you believe the SGA’s budget should be increased and if so, why? (please give detailed reason(s) for what the money will be used for).

A:  Yes, I believe that the budget should be increased for the benefit of the student body. Majority of the SGA expenses are to host various events for the student body and I feel that our students deserve the best pertaining to any event that the SGA may host during the upcoming school years.


Q: What are some concrete things that you want to see accomplished before leaving office next year?

A:   If elected, some concrete things that I would like to see after my term would be overall unity and prosperity throughout the entire university. I would like to see changes being made that will not only positively impact our current hornet family but the future hornets to come as well.