SGA Presidential Candidate: Gem Richardson

Micah Sanders, Managing Editor for Editorial Operations

A native of Hampton, Georgia, and daughter of Arnel and Gary Richardson, Gem Richardson a junior biology major is running for Student Government Association (SGA) president. After graduating cum laude from Dutchtown High School, Richardson did not choose Alabama State University, but she believes that the university chose her. She was offered a scholarship which afforded her the ability to attend an HBCU. “I love state and all of the opportunities and experiences that O’ Mother Dear has provided,” Richardson said.  Since being a part of the Hornet Nation, Richardson has been on the dean’s list from Fall 2018 through Fall 2020. While running for SGA president, she credits her campaign manager, Alana Foster, for all of the hard work and dedication put into making the campaign season successful.


Q: Why are you running for this office?

 A:  I am running for SGA President because I have a passion for creating change at ASU. It is my goal to reignite the school pride and leave a legacy of innovation and service. 


Q: What political things have you done in high school?

A:   In high school, I was the sophomore and junior class president. In my senior year, I was the Overall SGA President. 


Q: What political things have you done since arriving at ASU?

A:   I am a second-year Senator for the College of STEM. 


Q: What issues do you plan to address in the first 30 days of your term, if elected and why?

A:   In the first 30 days of my term, I plan to address the protocol for a post-pandemic campus and the lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for students. 


Q: What issues do you plan to address after the first 30 days of your term, if elected and why?

A:   After the first 30 days of my term, I will begin to dive into my initiatives and push for implementation of the bills I’ve passed in the previous semester such as the GrammarlyEDU Act. 


Q: Do you know the number of students who are enrolled at ASU, the SGA’s budget, and the university’s budget?

A:   Population: 4,190                        SGA Budget: $29,400


Q: Do you believe the SGA’s budget should be increased and if so, why? (please get a detailed reason(s) for what the money will be used for).

A:   Yes, it should be. The SGA’s budget should increase to allow SGA to provide more funding for student organizations and micro-grants for students who are in need. The funding will be given out on an application-based need, the individuals will have to go before the Senate to request. 


Q: What are some concrete things that you want to see accomplished before leaving office next year?

A:   I would love to see an SGA webpage be created, which will include an initiative tracker for all SGA officers and a budget line of microgrants on the SGA Budget.  The ASU New Student Orientation (NSO) app needs to be improved and used as a central hub for all things ASU. I would also like to see extended cafe hours for the option of to-go. Furthermore, I plan on working with Housing and Residence Life and Aramark to create flexible meal plan options. Lastly, I would like to create the foundation for virtual course loads for all departments.