Hodge highlights upcoming events for University College


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Dean Evelyn Hodge, Ph.D., has served as the dean of University College for the past 16 years. She is best known for advocating for the college to become a degree-granting college that offers a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies – a popular degree field.

Micah Sanders, Managing Editor for Editorial Operations

As the dean of University College at Alabama State University, Evelyn Hodge, Ph.D. has the responsibility of planning and developing the college’s curriculum, policies, and procedures to meet the current and long-range needs of both the faculty and student body and to fit into the total objectives of the university.
Amid a pandemic, Hodge has a few upcoming events planned that may interest the student body.
Honoring and showcasing high-achieving freshmen students, the annual University College Honors Convocation will be hosted virtually on March 27 via ASU’s official Facebook page and YouTube by Mr. Corey Muhammad.
The program will consist of numerous freshmen from various colleges who have achieved a 3.0 GPA or higher. This year’s theme is, “ASU Freshmen a Picture of Success.” Motivational speaker, Timia Frierson will also be present during the event providing current ASU students with words of encouragement.
For the Spring 2021 Commencement, Hodge is pleased to announce that the University College’s Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS) Program will be present.
“We are proud to say this program has allowed students to customize their areas of study and find meaningful employment after graduation,” she said.
This program started in 2016 and currently has a student enrollment that continues to grow rapidly. The BIS degree creates a specialized degree to prepare students for a future in a world which bridges academic disciplines for a variety of career options. Students who graduate with this degree find employment in government, business and many unique fields.
The program allows students to combine coursework in concentration areas based on personal interest, the desire for self-improvement, career advancement, or preparation for study in a professional graduate program.
“The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree is often referred to as the degree of the future,” Hodge said.
In addition to the increasing graduation rate of Interdisciplinary Studies program, University College’s W.E.B. DuBois Honors Program will be hosting the National Association of African American Honors Programs (NAAAHP) from Oct. 20 through Oct. 24. Cynthia Harris, Ph.D., the current director of the Honors Program, is the new 2020-21 president of the association.
The program encourages accelerated students to develop and reach their maximum potential and engage in a lifelong commitment to service.
“We are equally proud to announce that the conference will be held on the campus of ASU,” Hodge said. “We are expecting approximately 40-60 HBCUs and non-HBCUs to attend the conference. The conference promises to be electrifying, educational, and engaging for all the students. The conference will include activities such as oral presentations, poster presentations, oratorical contests, debate teams, and much more. We are looking forward to this wonderful event,” said Hodge.
University College also partners with campus units and student support programs to help students have an excellent start. Any student needing instructional support can seek services from academic support units in the college. Therefore, University College’s theme is: Creating Successful Pathways for Life-long Learning.
While the year continues to progress, Hodge believes that she will keep pushing her students forward with their academic and professional endeavors.
“University College continues to be a beacon of light for ASU students,” Hodge said. “We are very proud of what we do to help students and we feel strongly that Alabama State University is and has always been a ‘Journey to Success’ for its graduates.”