Hammond to deliver State of the Association Address



Student Body President David Hammond is scheduled to deliver the State of the Association Address where he will address a number of student concerns and issues on Feb. 25.

Christine Shelton, Editor-in-Chief

As student body president, one has several duties. One of those duties is to provide a State of the Association Address twice per semester. Student Body President David Hammond is gearing up for the first incoming address for the spring semester.

According to Hammond, he has a date set for the address: “Yes, I have a date set for Feb. 25, 2021, and I will be stationed in the SGA Complex.”

To abide by the university’s COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions, Hammond decided the State of Association Address will be accessible virtually on Instagram Live. Once the address is up and running, students can access this address on Instagram @bamastate__sga.

By constitutional law, the student body president must present two State of the Association Addresses to the student body. In this address, he will discuss any achievements or recommendations to staff, faculty, and, most importantly, the student body. With that in mind, Hammond plans to deliver a number of updates.

“I plan to address the update on the Walmart Shuttle Act, as well as several appointment announcements, including the new Chief of Staff, Attorney General, and our new adviser,” he begins. “In addition to that, I want to discuss the upcoming Financial Literacy Forum, a recap of Secretary Lee’s Empowerment Conference, and both the SGA Transition Packet and Constitutional Revisions.”

Students can look forward to Hammond’s first State of the Association Address on Feb. 25 via Instagram Live.