Fun and easy meals for college students.


Lucy Kamlewechi

Life in college can be really overwhelming. From settling in a new dorm to scheduling your
classes for your major, all these things can make the college experience very intense. It is
enticing to fit in while trying to keep your integrity, however; it is important to maintain one’s
health. One of the ways to stay healthy is eating well. In college that can be hard, but it is
possible poor eating habits are not worth your health! Below are some quick and easy meals to
fit into your schedule through college life.

Hitomi Aihara, a video producer and creative content editor for Tasty (one of the largest food
networks), has a quick recipe for a great treat in a mug. Aihara also has diverse experience in
lifestyle media, including food and wellness content on the Tasty team. Here are the instructions
along with the ingredients.
For one serving, use:
One slice of bread, one egg, two tablespoons of milk, one teaspoon of cocoa powder, one sliced
banana and chocolate chips.
Whipped cream and chocolate syrup.
First, slice bread into cubes. Second, in a separate bowl, add egg, milk, and cocoa powder and
mix. Next, in a microwave-safe mug, place half of the cubed bread and desired amount of
bananas and chocolate chips in the mug. Then, pour in the egg mixture. Afterward, microwave
for one and half minutes or until the egg is fully cooked. Then, top it off with whipped cream and
chocolate syrup and enjoy!

Alvin Zhou, (a Tasty producer who makes a ton of Giant Foods at Tasty), has a recipe for this
breakfast favorite.

For one serving, use:
Two eggs, half diced bell pepper, two diced slices of ham, one quarter cup of chopped fresh
spinach (10 grams), salt and pepper.
First, combine all ingredients in a microwaveable mug. Second, cook for two to three minutes or
until the omelette is done, stirring halfway through the cooking process. Be sure the egg does not
bubble over. Lastly, enjoy!

From Alvin Zhou, a recipe for a nice dessert. The ingredients and steps are listed below.
For one serving, use:
One tablespoon of butter, two sheets of graham cracker, one oz of softened cream cheese (115
g), two tablespoons of sugar, three drops of vanilla extract and five fresh raspberries
First, melt the butter in a small microwaveable ramekin (a small glass or earthenware dish, often
white and circular, in which food is baked and served). Tilt the ramekin to coat the sides.
Second, crush the graham crackers into fine crumbs, then add to the ramekin with the butter and
mix well. With a spoon, press the crust evenly against the bottom of the dish. Next, in a small
bowl, combine the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla, stirring until there are no lumps. Afterward,
spread the filling on top of the graham cracker crust. Then, microwave for at least four minutes,
45 seconds at a time, at half power. Make sure the cheesecake does not bubble over the sides of
the ramekin. After microwaving let it chill in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, until completely
cool to the touch. Next, with a knife, loosen the edges of the cheesecake, then invert onto a plate.
It can be eaten straight from the dish as well. Lastly, top with a few raspberries and enjoy!

Also, according to Alvin Zhou, another great recipe for college students include:
For one serving, use:
Half cup of elbow macaroni (50 g), half cup water (120 ml), three tablespoons of milk, salt,
pepper, one quarter cup of shredded cheddar cheese (25 g) and fresh chive (optional).

First, mix the macaroni, water and salt in a microwaveable mug. Second, microwave for two to
three, then stir. Next, add the milk, cheese, salt, and pepper, then stir. Lastly, microwave for
another 30 seconds, stir, and garnish with a sprinkle of chives and enjoy!
Some people will say that they do not have time in their schedule for breakfast or lunch. Others
will pretty much skip their meals to get more time for school work. As the famous quote says
“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” so try to adhere to the doctor’s advice.
In present day, there are a lot of students in college who want to become doctors, nurses, or
maybe even a biomedical engineer, but if those people are not maintaining their health while
they are working to get there, they could possibly end up being a patient in the hospital.
Remember these things: eat well, exercise, work hard and pray hard. They help with your
success in college.