Will President Biden Bring Change for COVID-19

Cullen Davis

A new day has come. With the inauguration of the 46th United States President Joe Biden, Jr., a new sense of hope is in the air. We now have a president who seems to care for his people and his nation. Having a plan of action to combat COVID-19 and acknowledging its seriousness is already a step up from his predecessor. Just in the first few hours as president, he made the generous act of honoring the COVID-19 victims at the Lincoln Memorial.

Biden understands the hard but necessary decisions that must be made for the safety of the nation and he is up for the challenge. He has remained devoted to rapid vaccinations for everyone, trusting the medical experts, and caring about the millions lost due to the virus.

One the same note, it is also up to the public to do their part. We applaud Biden for being dedicated to finding a vaccine, but we also realize low income and black communities are hesitant to take it. With a questionable past with previous vaccines, like the Tuskegee Syphilis Treatment or current distrust with African American women and their healthcare professionals, the feeling of a vaccine is a sensitive area for our community. Just recently, legendary MLB player, Hank Aaron, passed away a week after taking the vaccine at the Morehouse School of Medicine. 

Along with this, there are still high numbers of anti-Biden citizens who may refuse to adhere to his policies. America has been described as “wide open” in terms of activity still being encouraged amidst a pandemic. Thousands still attend clubs and parties without masks, celebrations, family gatherings and public facilities still encouraging business without mask precautions. It will take an immense change of heart and some expected rebuttal to close this down again after it being “okayed” the last several months. 

It seems likely the president will force his hand to set control over this situation, something expected and needed; however the change will not occur overnight. He was handed a messy situation that was made even messier due to former President Trump and his actions. We must be diligent, patient, and maintain the faith to move towards a safer nation.