Shelton selected as new editor-in-chief of The Hornet Tribune


Christine Shelton

Micah Sanders, Managing Editor

The Hornet Tribune staff will be welcoming and adjusting to a lot of new changes during the spring semester of its production cycle. Many leadership roles and responsibilities were awarded to fairly fresh staffers on the newspaper as the veterans graduate and pursue their careers. At the top of the chain of command lies Christine Shelton, the new editor-in-chief for The Hornet Tribune. 

The Chicago, Ill. native originally joined The Hornet Tribune as a work study student during her freshman year in 2017. After being embraced into the world of journalism, she decided to turn the leisure activity into a full time passion.

 “The reason I’ve stayed is because I have witnessed a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth within myself because of The Hornet Tribune. I also got to discover and foster a skill I did not know I possessed, which was writing news,” Shelton explained. 

After being a staff columnist for a year, Shelton was promoted to managing editor for editorial operations in 2019, a job that plays a very crucial role in the overall success of The Hornet Tribune. She was responsible for administering the day-to-day operations of The Hornet Tribune, which included generating and assigning stories, editing content and supervising the editorial staff. She was the oil that churned the train of the production cycle, allowing for each grain of coal to be finely polished into the engine. 

For two years, Shelton held her responsibilities with professionalism, dedication and determination. Many staffers on the paper regard her previous position as manager editor for editorial operations with good remarks and memories, such as the current Managing Editor for Standards, Ethics and Quality Control Anthoni Wardlaw.

“I admire her work ethic and her ability to keep things afloat when it comes to being organized,” said Wardlaw. “Christine is one of the few members I have had the pleasure of working with since I started with The Hornet Tribune, and I am thankful I got the chance to know her professionally and a bit personally.”

But as the famous quote says, “change is inevitable,” and Shelton was about to experience just that. 

In late fall of 2020, Shelton was named the new editor-in-chief of The Hornet Tribune for the spring semester of 2021. Since she is a graduating senior, this will be her only semester as the commanding officer for the paper. As she transitions from a ‘comfortable’ role to an unknown avenue, she compares and reminisces on her previous position. 

“One drastic change now that I have moved from managing editor for editorial operations to editor-in-chief is that I’m the face of The Hornet Tribune. I’m used to being in the background, working behind the scenes and checking on the staff when need be, but now, I will be overseeing the departments outside of editorial operations while still writing and editing articles,” Shelton said. 

Honing in on her skills as an English major at ASU, Shelton believes that her experience in that field gives her the competitive edge when it comes to leading The Hornet Tribune forward.

 “I can easily catch things that do not make sense or even sound right while reading. I can even offer alternatives on the spot for things that need correcting, so I can always help someone on the staff in regards to punctuation errors, incorrect usage of words, etc.,” Shelton explained. “I hope to cultivate a thriving weekly newspaper by enforcing and meeting deadlines, showing recognition to my staff, and helping out whenever or wherever I can.”

Ultimately, Shelton wants her legacy to continue and thrive once she has fulfilled her position as editor-in-chief. 

“[Hopefully] everyone on the staff puts their best foot forward. I want our paper to be recognized for not only the great writers but the great writing as well. Most importantly, I want the paper to sustain once I am gone. I want The Hornet Tribune to thrive after me, and whoever the next editor-in-chief is, I hope she or he feels that my leadership helped pave the way for theirs.”

Once Shelton graduates, she plans on pursuing a career in the education field as an English teacher. Her inspirations include her loving mother, who motivates and supports her daily and Jacqueline Trimble, Ph.D,  professor and chair of the Department of Languages and Literatures, who influences Shelton’s future teaching style. 

As the rise of power begins, Shelton leaves a message.

“To all of my new members, I want to say welcome aboard, and we are so lucky to have you join our team. It may not seem like it now, but what you’re doing matters. You are also brave for taking on the role of being student advocates. You give our students a voice and you shed light on the truth, and that will always be an important job on this campus.”