Trump has only paid $750 in taxes? Really

Trump has only paid $750 in taxes?  Really

Christine Shelton, Managing Editor for Editorial Operations

At this point, it would seem that the United States of America is known for its backward “give to the rich and take from the poor” methodology, especially concerning federal income taxes. Therefore, the notion that President Donald Trump has avoided paying taxes, which would not hurt a wealthy, white man with multiple streams of income anyway, is hardly a surprise.

Men like Trump are rarely, if ever, held accountable for their actions or wrongdoings, so if he has truly gotten away with tax avoidance for the past two decades, then it only makes sense that he had someone on the inside helping him.

According to “The Motley Fool,” a private financial and investigating advice company, the average working-class American gives at least 14% of their household income to taxes. With that percentage in mind, one has to understand that the average yearly wage or salary of these individuals roughly falls around $53,000; that is at least $7,420 dollars omitted from a working-class person’s check.

Trump made a claim in the year 2000 that he was losing more money than he was bringing in, and that seems nearly impossible considering he makes over 300 million dollars yearly. Nevertheless, after the claim was made, he spent the next ten years tax-free it would seem. The New York Times reported that Trump only paid $750 in taxes for the years 2015 and 2016.

Honestly, $750 in taxes is laughable considering what comes out of most of the working class checks. Honing in on a bigger issue, Trump being “exempt” from paying taxes and getting away with it is something that should be looked into and properly investigated. Tax evasion is a crime, and if Trump did not have to pay taxes for a time, everyone should rightfully be afforded that opportunity or at the very least, the taxes for working-class or middle-class Americans should be lowered substantially. Not to mention, Americans pay taxes for a reason. That money is put into different beneficiary programs such as social security, medicare, and food stamps.

From a racial standpoint, there have been too many people of color that have been imprisoned for failing to pay taxes, which they more than likely could not afford. Ultimately, Trump not paying taxes just further proves that elitism and white privilege in this country are real, and it is actively being carried out. Especially considering this happened almost two decades ago… so, why is this just now being brought to light?

In fact, several questions come to mind when it comes to this situation. The most frequent question would be how Trump was able to bypass and elude the system for a decade? To some extent, the answers to this question as well as any other questions that will rise may give insight into the security risk that could befall the system.

As for the Democrats who feel Trump’s failure to pay taxes should not be taken lightly, they are not overreacting. They know as well as Trump knows that not the average American could get away with something as scandalous as tax evasion. This sets an even more dangerous precedent for this country by continuing the trend of protecting that specific group of people–the capitalist, white supremacist patriarchy