Trump’s Military Statement: Suckers and Losers


Christine Shelton, Managing Editor for Editorial Operations

It seems as though the world will always be subject and privy to President Donald Trump’s feelings, whether that be via his active Twitter account or a press conference. If it is one thing he is suitable for, is his need to express his unfiltered emotions publicly. Unfortunately, his sheer ignorance, coupled with several of his other shortcomings, keeps him from seeing the error of his ways.

Trump’s refusal to go to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in 2018, a cemetery where dead American soldiers lie, resurfaced in a recent article from The Atlantic. The report claims that Trump decided not to go because he felt it unnecessary to pay his respects to dead American soldiers. In this same article, Trump allegedly questions why his presence is necessary when the cemetery is “filled with losers,” and he refers to the 1,800 marines that died in the 1918 Battle of Belleau Wood “suckers.”

As one could imagine, Trump had been receiving a lot of backlash for this unpatriotic statement and blatant disregard for those who serve their country in uniform. One of those people taking his statement as harshly as intended was former Vice President and current Democratic President Nominee Joseph R. Biden, Jr.   Biden’s son, Beau Biden, died from brain cancer in 2015 after serving in the war in Iraq. Biden made it clear that he was nothing short of disgusted by Trump’s comment. He further claims that unlike Trump, if he is the next president and commander in chief, he will always recognize and show gratitude toward any fallen American war heroes.

Several media outlets can attest that this is not the first time Trump has privately or publicly disparaged service members. According to The Atlantic, Trump expressed his contempt for the military in 2018 when late Sen. John McCain died. Trump said some harsh words about McCain, claiming he too, was a loser, and as a result, Trump was not invited to his funeral. McCain was a war veteran held captive in North Vietnam in 1967 after his aircraft was shot out of the sky, causing him to fracture both arms and a leg. While most people would find his love and dedication to his country heroic, the media claims Trump did not.

If that was not enough, he also presumably called former President George H. W. Bush a “loser” for being shot down by the Japanese as a Navy pilot in World War II. Bush was one of the survivors, while most men were shot, tortured, and later killed, but not even Bush’s actions and mere survival seemed worthy of gratitude from our current president.

While this seems to be one of his repeat offenses, Trump continues to deny ever saying anything of that nature; instead, he claimed that he felt the complete opposite in an Oval Office conference. In doing this, Trump attempts to combat all of the media’s claims by saying he considers servicemen and women “heroes.” Even after his public denial, Trump continues to receive fallout in the media from veterans or those who have had family members and friends die while serving their country.

It is not surprising that people expressed how disgusted they were with his comments that he turned around and said the complete opposite. It is possible he let his desperation get the better of him, which is why he may have felt pressure to address the issue and deny that he ever said anything negative regarding servicemen and women.

The record shows that Trump is ignorant of a considerable amount of things, even something as simple as showing gratitude for fallen shoulders. Still, he is aware that losing any military allies during this campaign period could ultimately hurt his chances of reelection.