August’s Student Employee of the Month


Obaloluwa David Olaniran, a freshman computer science major from Ibadan, Nigeria serves as the Managing Editor for Visual and Multimedia and was selected to be one of the first Students of the Month because of his enthusiasm and commitment to his job. Before arriving at Alabama State University, he attended Oritamefa Baptist Model School, Ring Road, Ibadan, Nigeria, where he participated in the Mathematics Olympiad and he was No. 3 of the Top 20 Best Graduating Student at the local level.  Olaniran saw the opportunity to work with The Hornet Tribune as a chance to work with an organization that is well structured and united, also he wanted to improve his leadership skills.  He said, “I believe working with The Hornet Tribune will sharpen my leadership skill and improve my problem-solving skills. This will go a long way in preparing me for my future career as a computer scientist.”