Corryn’s feature story


Jaelyn Stansbury

Photo of Corryn Carter, Editorial Pages Editor.

Kennedi Smith, Assistant University News Editor

After a year of writing for The Hornet Tribune, Corryn Carter, a staff reporter and Viewpoints section editor, stepped down from her duties to become the interim attorney general for the Alabama State University Student Government Association. However, before being sworn in, Carter denounced her title.  

During the Senate meeting, in which Carter was confirmed, Davida Haywood, Ph.D., the Vice President of Student Affairs, stated that the Executive Treasurer, Aliyah Muhammad, would not be impeached. Following the vice president’s sentiments, Carter concluded that without Haywood’s support, there is a chance that nothing would come of the work she was being asked to do. 

“I simply felt like continued pursuance of the matter after she made it clear how she felt, was a waste of time,” said Carter. 

Although Carter has stepped down from her duties as interim attorney general, her views of honoring the SGA Constitution in its entirety have remained the same.

 There have been allegations of misuse of funds and it was Carter’s job to gather evidence and prosecute based on the guidelines provided by the SGA Constitution. As stated in the SGA Constitution, it is the job of the attorney general to act as the prosecutor for the SGA to make sure statutes are followed by elected and appointed officials.