Gun violence claims the lives of three ASU students

Nefsa'Hyatt Brown, Editor-in-Chief

Alexis Moss
Jacquez Hall
Randerious Scott






Less than a month after classes began for the fall semester on Aug. 14, the Alabama State University community was  both saddened and shocked by the untimely deaths of three Hornets: Jacquez Hall, Randerious Scott, and Alexis Moss – all to gun violence.

The first loss was Jacquez Hall, a 21-year-old junior who was majoring in business, was shot around 7:15 Thursday evening, Aug. 15, one day after school began during an altercation outside of the Everage Building, which is located on North University Drive and home to various small businesses. Despite its closeness in proximity to the university, the Everage Building is not on campus and is not affiliated with the university.

“This was indeed a tragedy in which two young men lost their lives,” explained university president Quinton T. Ross, Jr., Ed.D at a news conference on Aug. 16. “I was with the young man’s parents last night, and my heart is heavy today because it is difficult to look a parent in their face, and express to them the loss of their son that they sent away to go to school.’’

Unfortunately following this tragic incident, there were three people hospitalized and two deaths, Hall and Justin Martin who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Following the shooting, the university held a vigil on Aug.16 in the Cyber Lounge in the John Garrick Hardy Center to celebrate the life and legacy of Hall.

The second life claimed by gun violence was Randerious “Rudy” Scott, by way of suicide on Sept. 6 at his home in Union Springs.

Despite the love that was expressed for Scott by a number of Hornets, an examination of the 20 year old’s social media, revealed that he suffered from depressive thoughts.

The following day, another student Alexis Moss was fatally shot at an off -campus party as the result of an altercation she was not apart of. Although she was not pronounced dead on the scene, Moss was rushed to the hospital and eventually passed away on Sept. 9.

Another student outside of Moss was also treated for less life-threatening gunshot wounds.

“It is with great sadness that I share one of our students has died from injuries that she sustained during an off-campus incident …,” Ross said an email sent to the university and surrounding Montogmery, Ala areas “Our heartfelt prayers are with her family as they deal with the loss of a loved one.”

Shortly following her death, William Slater a 23 year-old man with a history of violence, was taken into custody by Montgomery Police Department on Sept.12. Slater is being held on a $150,000 bond.

Because of the proximity of their death, there was a joint vigil held on Sept. 12 in the Cyber Lounge of the John Garrick Hardy Center. Both Scott and Moss’s family and friends were given the opportunity to speak at the vigil celebrating the lives of our fallen hornets.