Thompson continues her “Big Hornet-Little Hornet”

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Thompson continues her “Big Hornet-Little Hornet”

Kennedi Smith, Staff Reporter/Writer

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One of the ideas that Arianna Elizabeth Thompson wanted to implement this year was a program titled, “Big Hornet Little Hornet.”

The reigning Miss Alabama State University wanted to use her year of service to mentor freshmen who are entering the university. So she paired upperclassmen with first-year students in an effort to accomplish this goal.

The Big Hornet Little Hornet Mentoring Program is serviced by upperclassmen students of the same major.

Mentors and mentees are required to meet bi-weekly, where they will act as tutors and guidance providers. They are also required to attend school-wide events and one social event together so that they are receiving academic assistance along with social guidance.

Thompson feels as if the program is working and it is beneficial for both the upperclassmen who serve as mentors as well as the first year students who serve as mentees.

“The mentors of this program have worked to build confidence in many students,” explains Thompson elaborating on the progress of the program thus far. The bonds created in the mentor program are one of a kind, leaving students feeling more confident about their college experience. With the help of their mentor, one student went from making C’s and D’s in their public speaking class to A’s and B’s.”

Throughout the course of the 2018-19 school year, over 82 students have enrolled in this mentorship program.

Mentors are required to submit bi-weekly progress reports, that are monitored by Thompson herself. At the end of the semester, an event for all mentors and mentees is held where refreshments are given as they reflect on the growth of the past semester.

“I feel as everything is at trial and error, you learn from your mistakes,” said Thompson as she reflecting on the inaugural fall 2018 semester. “Listening to their stories made me feel like, maybe I might have done something good.”

As Thompson ends her senior year she hopes that the next reigning queen will continue leading the program. She believes through this program that many students will continue to receive not only guidance but companionship from their fellow peers.