Pickett begins his ELEP for first-year students

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Pickett begins his ELEP for first-year students

Alexis Butler, Senior Staff Reporter/Writer

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“It is essential to the Student Government Association (SGA) that a generous supply of student leaders who have an understanding of the challenges that Alabama State University students face is identified,” states the mission statement of the Emerging Leaders and Enrichment Program (ELEP).’

Student Body President Jaylon Pickett began a new initiative that allows freshman students to prepare for SGA positions.

“This will position students to be leaders while current SGA members will mentor them as well as give them the proper training to fulfill the positions within SGA,” Pickett said.

Although being a member of this program is not required, “it’s highly suggested,” Pickett explained. “This program will help students to understand student government and will allow the student body to know when they do decide to run for a position, that they know and have what it takes to fulfill the position.”

The benefits of this program range from hands-on work with SGA, knowledge on policies and university news that most students are not typically aware of.

At the conclusion of the program, those who participated will be recognized at the annual SGA banquet.

This program is only available to incoming freshmen, but current students do have the option to apply, for this year only.

Although this initiative was created under the Pickett Administration it will be used under all administrations that follow.

To become a member of this program students must commit two semesters to the program and be fully admitted into Alabama State University, for transfer students they must have a minimum of 24 credit hours.

“My hopes are that this program will increase student life,” Pickett said.

All freshmen, currently enrolled, have received the application packets in their ASU email.

Hard copies of the packets are available in the SGA Complex, located on the second floor of the John Garrick Hardy Center.