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The student leadership of The Hornet Tribune is composed of the editor-in-chief, media advertising and marketing chief, public affairs and communications chief, enterprise editor and the executive assistant.  These student leaders are responsible for ensuring that the mission, vision, constant strategic planning and consistent execution of The Hornet Tribune are carried out and that they work closely, as a team to achieve the necessary goals that are essential for a productive, informative, efficient and attractive campus newspaper.

Christine Shelton


Hello, my name is Christine Shelton, and I am a senior who graduates in May 2021. I am from Calumet City, Ill., and my parents are Jacquelyn Jackson and Christopher Shelton. I graduated from Thornton Fractional North High School in Calumet City, Illinois where I was a member of the Junior Board, Senior Board, Student Council, and the National Honor Society. I even served as vice president of my junior class. In addition, I played tennis where I was selected as the Most Valuable Player of the badminton team during my senior year.

My declared major is English with a concentration in writing/literature, and I do plan on furthering my education in graduate school where I will pursue a graduate degree in Education. I initially chose to attend Alabama State University because I heard they had a great teaching program since I am aspiring to be an English teacher. Since arriving at Alabama State University, I have been active in the National Society of Leadership and Sucess (NSLS), UNITE, and the co-curriculum designer for a volunteer organization called Read and Reign.

I chose to continue working for The Hornet Tribune because it’s a journey I embarked upon during my freshman year, and I had to see it through until the end. Being apart of the staff has not only helped my writing flourish, but I have grown as well. Coming into college, I had no idea what the climate was like, but The Hornet Tribune quickly helped me to acclimate, and ultimately, set a positive tone for my college career.

I would recommend working for The Hornet Tribune to every student because it teaches discipline, puts you in a position to make lasting relationships and several connections on and off-campus, and essentially, you could learn a new skill that could potentially land you a job.

Dasani Stallworth

Executive Assistant

Hello, my name is Dasani Stallworth, a sophomore majoring in finance and accounting.  Before arriving at Alabama State University, I attended Charles Frederick Vigor High School in Prichard, Alabama.  While there I was a member of the Future Business Leaders of America, where I served as vice president, the Family, Career, Community Leaders of America and the Culinary Program.  I was enrolled in Advanced Placement Classes and graduated as an honor student with a 4.0 grade point average.

The daughter of Demetricus Jordan and France Stallworth, I selected Alabama State University because I heard that it had an excellent business school and I have members of my family that are enrolled at the university.  Upon arrival, I was a member of the First Year Leaders Empowerment Academy.  This year, I became a member of the National Association of Black Accountants, Collegiate 100, and an intern with the Student Government Association.

I joined The Hornet Tribune because I saw it as an opportunity to network and make long-lasting connections.

I would advise other students to become members of The Hornet Tribune because they will gain an opportunity to connect with the great staff and display their skills.

I hope to one day to become the chief executive officer of my own company.


Media Advertising and Marketing Chief

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Kendell Lamonte Grant

Public Affairs and Communications Chief

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