Nix urges students to ‘get out and vote’

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Nix urges students to ‘get out and vote’

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“This is your country, and this is your future,” said the Director for the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs Nichelle Nix, when asked about the importance of students learning more about politics and its purpose during the Lawrence Dunbar Reddick Lecture Series.

“The importance of politics is registering to vote. You want to be involved and make sure your voice is heard.”

Nix, who was invited to lecture by the University Programs and Activities Board (UPAAB), promulgated the topic of “Grimey Politics: Public Trust and Ethics.”

Nix said that public trust has been declining for decades in politics with the distrust levels being high among younger Americans and today’s climate does not make it easier.

“It’s always interesting to talk to people, whether it’s professionally or personally, about politics,” Nix said. “It’s always so much negativity surrounding the word politics.”

Nix feels it is important for younger adults to get out and vote because it is a way for your voice to be heard as a person of this country “where we live.”

The Lawrence Dunbar Reddick Lecture Series bring distinguished speakers to campuses for “thought provoking” conversations. The lecture series offers the community and students at Alabama State University unique opportunities to hear diverse perspectives by hosting a wide variety of famous educators, authors, actors, politicians, athletes, journalist, and activist.

As the Governor’s Director of Minority Affairs, Nix advises the Governor on policy issues affecting women and minorities, in the areas of economic development, education, health, housing, civil rights, criminal justice and empowerment.
She says it is important for women and minorities start restoring trust in politics.