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Pickett delivers “State of the Association Address”

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Pickett delivers “State of the Association Address”

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In an overview of students concerns related to financial aid, priorities of the police, robbery reports, checkpoint, etc, SGA President Jaylon Pickett stood in front of a group of students on Sept. 13 to give his “ State of Association Address.”

“Students are worried about whether they will receive their refund checks to take care of personal needs and bills to keep their housing,” said Pickett.

During the beginning of the State of Association Address Pickett discuss students not receiving their financial aid refunds and the concerns from students at ASU beginning purged from their classes due to them having a balance. Pickett says students who live on campus was afraid that their financial aid was not processed correct and resulted to them getting purged.

“Currently no students will be purged from their class due to financial aid issues, purges have been pushed back to September 30, also once everybody financial aid is in we will do walk in day”

Students who are wanted to participate in “walk in day” are students who have not yet received housing on campus. He also say there will be numerous emails to keep students updated on university prosecures.

Students feel campus police has no been prioritizing their duties for the safety of students on campus. There has been many robbery reports on campus and students have brought their concerns about the report to Pickett which he addressed during his presentation. Pickett cover the issue with police not being at the checkpoint when students drive on and off campus.

The wifi that is provided on campus has been a major concern , students use the wifi to complete assignments giving in class, the university has block social media sites from the wifi and Pickett says that is an accessibility that will be resolved. Students also say they internet connectivity is extremely poor and should be fixed .

Pickett ended his “State of Association Address” with the achievements SGA has made since he has been elected such as the committees that are a part the SGA, 2nd Chance Foundation, the organization fair for students, and SGA week. He says he plans to continue resolving students concerns throughout the academic year.

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Pickett delivers “State of the Association Address”