The final days of Trump will leave America rebuilding for some time


David Lee King Jr., Guest Columnist

As we near the inauguration of the 46th United States President, President-elect Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., the US has to grapple with little under two weeks remaining in the fastly unhinging outgoing President Donald J. Trump, whose final days might pose a greater threat to our nation’s stability and safety than his last four years in office.

January 6th, the day Constitutionally mandated to Congress for the certifying of electoral votes, became a day that will perhaps go down in history as unprecedented and unorthodox. Following a staged rally to “Save America” by outraged Trump supporters fueled on false claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, right-wing extremists and Trump supporters at the incitement of Trump executed a mission to forcibly overturn the democratic election by storming the US Capitol Building.

In most instances, armed and aggressive, Trump supporters committed acts of domestic terrorism, insurrection, and perhaps, treason as they burst through windows, flooded Congressional house floors, and raided top Congressional leader offices (and taking personal and private items). All this because the outgoing President has refused to accept defeat in the 2020 election against President-elect Joe Biden, and has continued since the night before the election, spewed beliefs that the election would be fraudulent and rigged.

If there is anything more dangerous within the presidency of Trump, it is the moments of the last days beginning from the moment the election had been called from Biden until January 20th.

In every moment, it appears Trump becomes more unhinged and hellbent on not being known in history as a one-term president. However, in this case, what makes this situation particularly interesting is unlike the business deals and problems of the past Trump has been able to use his money to sweep under the rug, this loss of the presidency is much different. You cannot pay any money in the world to overturn the election.  Especially when your culminating acts recently have only fanned the flames of years of careless, inhumane, and unethical leadership in the presidency.

Trump is dangerous in these final days because knowing that his loss is certain and his exit imminent, Trump has nothing to lose in creating as much division, havoc, and challenge for the incoming administration to struggle with that would possibly block needed progress on real issues Americans are facing. Trump will go to great lengths to use the powers he has as President in his final days to build movements and emotions among the people to push a level of instability that would make moving forward virtually impossible.

The final days of Trump will have a lasting impact on the next administration and more importantly will leave a huge scar on the American people. Internationally, we will be viewed as a chaotic concoction waiting to combust. Domestically, we will be so polarized that we cannot come to understand the issues and sentiments on the other side of the aisle. The final days of Trump will leave a questionable future at the forefront of the minds of voters on the conservative side of the aisle. How can the party whose leader once led a revolt against an election system expect to reap the benefit of this system moving forward in future elections? Will conservative voters not question the integrity of future elections and even feel so emboldened to take forcible action to make their point known?

The final days of Trump will usher in a new level of audacity in the American citizen to believe that the answer to grievances with the government’s peaceful processes is to rise in arms and violence. Trump’s final days will give way to belief in conspiracy over fact and to follow to the very end, even to the detriment, beliefs that are not sustained by reality by any means necessary. The final days of Trump will leave us in a position of not just battling the transforming war with the coronavirus pandemic with vaccination distribution complexities and new, more contagious strands of the virus appearing in the US; combating and averting the impending economic blow the pandemic is dealing; and aiding the hurting people and small businesses during and after the pandemic to recovery. We will also have to battle redefining what America stands for, what real American leadership is, and identifying the better angels of our nature and healing the soul of our nation from bigotry, hatred, ignorance, and divisiveness.

The days of Trump to come until the inauguration of Biden will be an array of erratic and unhinged behaviors of a man who has gone an entirety of his life circumventing the law with his wealth and not being restrained because his wealth speaks for him. Trump’s final days, however, are not a death sentence or indefinite end to the nation we know and love. While his final days might make recovery more difficult and set the stage for the new president to have to take some corrective action to previous poor leadership decisions, I know that with commitment, hard work and uniting under the common cause of rebuilding our nation, we can and will overcome the challenges Trump’s presidency as a whole has presented. With our hope and persistence we can combat Trumpism and the environment Trump has primed to wreak havoc after he leaves office.