Student Views: Kobe Bryant Death

Gem Richardson, University News Editor

On Jan. 26, basketball icon, father and husband, Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter, Gianna Bryant, died in a tragic helicopter crash. This devastation led to people around the world expressing the impact Kobe Bryant had on their lives.  Students around campus somberly expressed their reactions to Bryant’s death.

“Kobe was a motivational person for me. I would go look at videos when things weren’t going right in my sport,” said freshman biology major, Lennox Francis. “I found out right before I went to practice, and practice was so slow that day. He inspired me to just keep going no matter what. Sad to see he’s gone. Still unreal.”

Students collectively experienced pain and immediate grief after hearing the news. Freshman computer science major, Narada Monge explained how “it hurts every day” thinking about Bryant’s passing. 

Agreeing with Monge, a freshman accounting major Jalon Wise said the news did not “hit him” that it was real until he saw it on social media. “Every day when people say, Kobe Bryant?” said Wise. “I’m like Kobe? Ain’t no way.”

“He was looked up to around the globe,” said Juanita Riles, sophomore, BIS major. ‘It just comes to show no matter how lavish you may live, how many rings you may have, how much money, how many kids, life still comes at everyone. It reminds us all not to take our next breath, our next walk, our next hug for granted.” 

“It was devastating to hear about Kobe’s passing,” said Marc Kimbrough, junior, biology pre-health major explaining how Bryan’s death made him think about life on a larger scale. “I feel as if you should live every day as it could be your last so you will have no regrets. You only get one chance at this obstacle called life. To reach greatness you only need to give your each and all every day.” 

“Kobe Bryant’s death was definitely one that nobody expected, especially this early in his life,” said Terrance Ellis, sophomore, business management major. “It caught me so off guard and it felt like I’ve known him all my life. Kobe was my favorite basketball player and still is, but the game is not the same without him.” 

Calling Bryant an icon that everyone admired, senior, history secondary education major, Wallace Corker expressed his sadness in hearing the news of Byrant’s untimely passing. 

“It is important to know that everyone’s day starts off normal!” said Corker. “You never know when your time is up! Make the best of every moment and live life with no regrets.”